Tebecon B.V.

We are glad to present to you the BASF System Partner

Tebecon B.V.


Contact Information

Adress:           Argon 10, 4751 XC, 
                       Oud Gastel, Netherlands

Telephone:     +31(0)0165316180
E-Mail:            info@tebecon.nl

BASF System Partner since: 2016
Specialization in: Concrete Repair & Protection, Waterproofing

Company Introduction

Established in 1990, Tebecon has become a leading company in concrete maintenance.

Our clients are mainly construction companies, governments and housing corporations. By offering a broad range of concrete repair techniques and special coatings we unburden our clients considerably.

Tebecon is proud of continuous growth of expertise by our innovative approach.


The dedication and hard work of our qualified staff allows us not only to apply special floor coatings but we can also reinforce the floor by among others cathodic protection.


Furthermore, Tebecon is the perfect partner for a solid repair advice.

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Contact Information

Argon 10, 4751 XC,
Oud Gastel, Netherlands
Telephone: +31(0)0165316180
E-Mail: info@tebecon.nl